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Hongkong JianFei International Group

1、Vision:The Vision Of Creating A Better Life For Mankind.
Committed to become the domestic kitchen appliances, household industry leader, into the global kitchen professional home appliances, household strength of the top three, so that "prospects" become a well-known brand in the world.


2、Vision Mission:Create A Better Future For Mankind,Mission!
Always pay attention to customers' thinking, action and difficulties, provide special competitive solutions and services, continue to do a good job in logistics support, create returns beyond customers' expectations.Create value for users, bring profits for customers, realize ideal for employees, create wealth for shareholders, and contribute civilization to society


3、QingJing Values:
Company's core values are the internal motive power of prospects to create, from the prospect of the company's core beliefs, is by the prospect of efforts and pursuit, to face the future opportunities and challenges, from do big, designed to strengthen to become experts in kitchen utensils and appliances, wei yu to establish a dominant brand, in the field of professional with a good mental resources, adhering to the value of employee share principle, for the employees, customers, shareholders, society, providing effective value, the expected return of super, realize the human vision of family prospects "good life".


4、Talent Standard:
Prospects that can be found only by racing team, and then through the heats to find treasure Ma Liangju, through the tournament selection of homo habilis, again through the personal character, courage, dedication, dedication, leadership, performance, loyalty, inclusive and forward-looking, leadership and so on, only through investigation, can obtain the future policy makers, can enter the management.


5、Achievements Of The User:
Serving consumers is the only reason for the prospect, and consumer demand is the driving force for the prospect.Outlook adheres to the consumer-centered, rapid response to consumer demand, continue to create long-term value for consumers to achieve consumers.Providing effective services for consumers is the direction of prospect work and the yardstick of value evaluation.
6、Prospects For Spirit:
Character: loyal and trustworthy, grateful heart
Attitude: value identification, initiative
Concept: follow the overall situation, dedication
Dedication: fulfill their duties, dare to assume
Enterprising: keep improving and keep pace with The Times
Team: sharing responsibility and cooperation
Communication: empathy and mutual respect
Learning: learn from others and apply what you learn
Methods: self-reflection and problem solving
Resources: centralized advantages, integrated operation
Execution: no excuses, quick action
Pragmatic: grassroots, the pursuit of practical results
Innovation: grasp the future and create the leading position
Perseverance: staying passionate and tested


7、Operating Rules :

Goal pursuit: half a step ahead of the rest

Authorized operation: fully authorized and performance oriented

Win-win sharing: value first, benefit sharing


8、Authorization Management :
Centralization, youdao decentralization, orderly authorization, chapter and degree of authority


9、Quality Policy :

Meet customer needs;

Build product quality;

Provide satisfactory service;


10、Internal Hierarchical Positioning :

Enterprise group: capital operation, maximization of shareholder value

Legal person: industrial management, become the market leader

Business unit: product management, to establish product competitiveness


11、The Principles :

Shareholders and management: contract operation and benefit sharing

Enterprises and employees: mutual win-win, common growth

Enterprises and partners: mutual benefit and mutual benefit, hand in hand

Enterprise and society: assume responsibility and give back to society