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Join the prospects, the company will be in a unified brand, unified brand VI image, a unified marketing, unified management, unified service standards, unified goods display, unified logistics distribution, and unified training support sales, striving to brand "outlook" become the main force of domestic kitchen appliances sales.Prospect electrical for partners to lay a good foundation of wealth, for the majority of investors to provide personalized franchise strategy, rapid access to brand, technology, marketing support in all aspects, so as to provide a guarantee of success, minimize investment risk.Prospect electrical after years of market dedication to practice, summed up to the partner sectionalized franchise operation support, more of your investment to provide a solid and strong guarantee.The details are as follows:

1. Investment and franchise stage: provide professional investment and operation consulting analysis for partners.

2. Preparatory stage: provide partners with professional site selection guidance, store image design, store decoration plan.

3. Opening phase: provide partners with on-site promotion guidance, professional sales training and product display guidance.

4. Business phase: provide partners with store operation planning, group purchase tracking management and sales guidance.

5. Management stage: provide partners with store management, personnel management and warehousing and distribution guidance.

6. Service phase: provide partners with relevant customer service training, develop customer service standards and other guidance.

7. Product promotion: provide advertising support, promotional supplies support and marketing support

8. Brand promotion stage: provide variety image support, brand supplies support and brand update support.

9. Regional market expansion stage: product supply support, market expense support and other supply support

2. Products: provide the best-selling products with the most powerful single bond in the market, and update them timely according to market demand;

3. Price: the manufacturer supplies directly to county-level cities, with few links, convenient communication and direct advantages in price;

4. Promotional resources: according to actual needs, the company issues promotional materials uniformly to ensure the special use of front-line sales;

5. Marketing: for new franchisee customers, the headquarters of the company will directly send business personnel to assist them to start the white market, and plan effective marketing plans to ensure that the brand will enter the market in the first time;

6. Marketing: according to market needs, we will develop practical and efficient brand promotion plans and marketing plans for you, and provide you with relevant market materials and support;

7. Regional protection: exclusive agency operation within the stipulated market scope, and the implementation of "who plants the tree, who enjoys the cool"

8. Incentive policy: reward excellent franchisees who complete the company's sales tasks on time, evaluate "excellent dealers" every year, and offer special rewards or study abroad;

9. Training support: the company will provide three levels of training (franchisee, salesman, shopping guide), systematic training guidance for the opening of the new terminal square management store, self-study of training disc and series of training manuals;Regional centralized training (experience exchange meeting, marketing summary meeting).

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