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The wind is too strong outsideProspect household appliance range hood fault and treatment:

The phenomenon ofCause analysis,Processing method
The light is on and the motor won't turn1. The wind wheel is stuckTroubleshoot wind wheel sticking fault
2. Capacitor damageReplace the capacitance
3. The motor is tightened or the bearing is damagedReplace the motor
4. The internal wire of the motor is broken or the motor is burnt outReplace the motor
The bulb burned outReplacement bulbs
6. Control line falls offConnect the control line according to the electrical reason diagram
Oil leakage at the edge of the middle plate1. Poor sealing of inlet washer and exhaust chamberRemove the oil screen and seal it with strong glue
2. Oil leakage at the junction of outdoor smoke exhaust edge and roofRemove the middle plate and seal it with paint or soap
The body vibration1. The damaged blade is not stable and will vibrate when rotatingReplace the blades
2. The motor is not lockedLock the motor
3. The body suspension is not firmTighten the body
Attraction is not enough1. The distance between the body and the cooker is too largeAdjust the height of the range hood
2. Too many doors and Windows around the body and too much air convectionClose doors and Windows properly
3. Smoke pipe bellows are too long or too curvedInstall the smoke tube according to the instruction
The wind is too strong outsideNon-technical fault

The body slants

1. The screw fixing the body on the hook becomes loose and causes the body to skewTighten the screw so that it is level
2. The screw of the body hanging on the iron sling is loosened to make the body tilt forwardTighten the adjusting iron suspension screw to make it level

Fault and treatment of household gas cookers for electrical appliances:

The fault phenomenonThe cause of the problemProcessing method
Doesn't workMore air is mixed into the windpipeExtend the ignition time until the air in the tube is completely exhausted
Ignition electrode or insulator too dirtyClean with a dry cloth
The rubber delivery pipe is bent or compressedCorrect the hose
The ignition electrode is on the high sideAdjust the position of the ignition needle
The position of the flame detector needle is off the fire too dirtyAdjust position or clean
The battery is deadReplace the battery
Pulser failureReplace the new pulser or send it to the maintenance department for repair
Accidentally put outThe wind is snuffed out, or the profit of soup is consumedTo the ignition
Stink of gasThe rubber hose is not properly joined or crackedConnect or replace the hose
The valve leakageReplace valve body with professional maintenance personnel
Air leakage in the air delivery pipe or connecting pipeFind a professional maintenance personnel to replace the air pipe or connecting pipe
The flame jumps off the burner or backfires and makes a noiseImproper air conditioningAdjust the damper to get the right amount of air
The top of the stove is not covered properlyPut the cover exactly into the burner holder
The burner is blockedRemove the blockage

Foreground gas quick water heater for household appliances:

Phenomenon (right)

Dead in service
Open the hot water valve, do not fireDeflagration, fireFlames yellow smoke appearedThe flames were abnormally smellyFire is an abnormal soundAdjust to the high temperature position the water is still not hotIt's not too hot at low temperatureAt low temperature, the fire goes outAfter turning off the hot water, the water will not go outProcessing method
Reasons (2)
The gas valve is not open         Open the gas main valve fully or renew the gas cylinder
The gas main valve is half open       Leave the gas main valve open
There is air in the gas pipe         Turn the water heater on and off continuously until it is on fire (note: after turning off the hot water valve, wait more than 5 seconds before opening it again)
Improper gas pressurehigh        
Cold water main valve not open         Open the cold water main valve completely
freeze         Don't use it until it melts
Insufficient cold water pressure       Maintenance personnel check water pressure and piping
Wrong way to adjust water temperature        Refer to the method of hot water humidity control
Fresh air is in short supply         Immediately improve ventilation so that there is plenty of fresh air
The safety device is working          Please refer to the handling method when the safety device is in operation
Gas plug        

Heat exchanger blocked          repairman
The water control valve device is out of order         repairman
Pulse generator failure     Contact maintenance personnel
Lead loose        Connect the loose lead correctly
Microswitch fault         Replace the micro switch
Solenoid valve fault        Contact maintenance personnel
Feedback electrode fault         Same as above
Fan fault         Contact maintenance personnel
Motor fault        Contact maintenance personnel
Air pressure        Clear the flue if it is blocked
Power supply not connected, power failure        Connect to the power supply