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Guide for use and maintenance of range hood

1, the lampblack machine power socket must use a special socket with grounding wire;

2, the installation height of the range hood must be appropriate, in accordance with the instructions to install a good range hood, the general installation height range between 650mm and 750mm, while installed in the top of the stove, so as to ensure not to meet, and can ensure the effect of the range hood.

3, should be in cooking before opening the lampblack machine 1-2 minutes, in order to get a better effect of lampblack;After cooking, continue to boot 1-2 minutes, in order to thoroughly remove residual soot.

4, in order to avoid the range hood noise or vibration is too large, oil dripping, oil leakage and other situations, should be timed to the range hood cleaning, so as to avoid motor, turbine and range hood inside the surface sticky oil too much.

5, in the use of lampblack machine to maintain the air circulation in the kitchen, so as to prevent the formation of negative pressure in the kitchen air, ensure the lampblack machine suction ability.

6. The power should not exceed the maximum value marked near the lamp holder and on the instruction manual when replacing the bulb, otherwise, the temperature of the wire connecting the lamp holder and the lamp holder will rise too high, accelerate the aging of the wire insulation layer, and cause potential danger of electric shock, and even lead to fire;

7, the dirty oil in the oil cup, accumulated to eight full, will be discarded, so as not to overflow;

8. Cleaning of filter screen and cover:

(1) unscrew the screw fixing the mesh cover.

(2) soak the filter and cover in warm water of neutral detergent for 5-10 minutes.

(3) use a soft plastic brush to clean the dirt in the pores of the filter net, and then dry it with a dry cloth.

(4) install the filter screen as it was before removal.

(5) after installation, check whether the oil circuit of the appliance is smooth and whether the sealing ring on the volute can be sealed.

(6) please clean the filter screen and cover according to the cycle specified in the manual.

9, the kitchen door and window's influence on the oil absorption net absorption lampblack: users using the machine of oil absorption smoke, must keep the kitchen well ventilated, such not only can improve the oil absorption of lampblack suction ability, and can make you have enough oxygen gas or other fuel burning, also can prevent due to the incomplete combustion of coal gas or other fuels harm the person.Should adjust the switch of good door window when using so, on the foundation that maintains kitchen ventilated good, avoid to appear inside the kitchen even to current wind, reduce to suck lampblack machine to lampblack absorb platoon ability.

Disinfection cabinet use maintenance guide

1. Disinfection cabinet shall be placed horizontally in a dry and ventilated place without sundries.

2, tableware must be washed first, will water wipe before put into the disinfection cabinet, some users put the tableware with water into the cabinet and often do not electrify, resulting in the disinfection cabinet of electrical components and metal surface moisture oxidation.If there is contact resistance in the infrared heating tube seat, easy to burn out the tube seat or other parts, shorten the service life of the disinfection cabinet.

3. The tableware should be washed, drained and then put into the disinfected cupboard for disinfection, which can shorten the disinfection time and reduce the energy consumption.Dish, the tableware such as cup should be put upright on layer rack, had better not fold, so that ventilate and disinfect as soon as possible.

4. When conducting ozone disinfection, it is strictly prohibited to open the cabinet door to avoid ozone leakage.Because right now the ozone inside ark had achieved certain concentration, if open cupboard door ozone can release completely, and although the ozone of high concentration can disinfect, but also be very harmful to person, environment.When carrying out high temperature disinfection, it is strictly prohibited to open the cabinet door to avoid high temperature scald.

5, after the end of not immediately open the cupboard door, should wait for 20 minutes to open the cupboard door again, a can make the effect of disinfection is better, two can make the ozone inside disinfection ark reductive.Open cupboard door can have a few ozone flavour overflow, but the ozone concentration at this moment already did not hinder the health of human body.

6. If the quartz heating tube is found not to be heated, it indicates that the disinfection cabinet is out of fault, so please stop using it and contact professional maintenance personnel for repair.

7. Clean the inside and outside of the cabinet regularly after a period of time to keep the disinfection cabinet clean and sanitary.When clean disinfection ark, unplug power source first, wipe with clean wet dishcloth inside disinfection ark outer surface, prohibit to use water to flush disinfection ark.If too dirty, usable wet dishcloth dips in first neuter scour is swabbed, reoccupy clean wet dishcloth scour clean, wipe with dry cloth finally dry moisture.When cleaning, be careful not to hit the heating tube or ozone generator.

8. When using the ozone disinfection cabinet, please pay attention to whether the ozone generator works normally. If you can't hear the squeaking sound of high voltage discharge or can't see the blue light of discharge, it indicates that the ozone generator may be out of order and should be repaired in time.

9, every day is electrified, can have the effect of disinfection namely so, can prolong the service life of disinfection ark again.

Gas water heater operation and maintenance guide

1, in the process of use, should follow the instructions for correct operation, check whether the water heater in the use of normal combustion, use in accordance with the first boiled water after the opening of the air, after the use of the gas off after the water off method.

2, when using burning gas water heater, must open door window or exhaust fan.Gas water heaters require a certain amount of air to burn, and without sufficient air, there is a risk of hypoxia or carbon monoxide poisoning.Had better not use water heater burning gas continuously for long, if have much person to wash bath, due and certain clearance.

3, in the use of existing odor or fire phenomenon, water heater and gas pipeline leakage must immediately stop using, close the gas valve, open doors and Windows to prevent the occurrence of danger.It is forbidden to open fire, switch and unplug electric appliances in the room, and it should be checked and repaired by professional maintenance personnel in time.

4. Gas water heater shall be inspected regularly:

(1) apply appropriate amount of soap foam on the air circuit and various joints to check whether there are cracks, aging and looseness in the gas pipeline and the external rubber hose.If there is, should be timely maintenance, a joint loose to tighten, a broken pipe to replace, do not exist fluke psychology.

(2) check the filter gauze of the inlet valve.Water quality in some places is relatively hard, the use of a long time, water inlet valve filter gauze easy to accumulate scale, causing water inlet valve blockage.The cleaning method is to unscrew the inlet pipe and take out the filter gauze for cleaning.

(3) check the heat exchanger and main burner every six months or one year to see if there is any clogging.If have, should undertake cleaning in time.At the same time, the heat exchanger fin also needs regular cleaning, and special tools to remove the surface of the dirt.Otherwise, it will cause incomplete combustion and produce harmful gas, and poisoning will occur in serious cases.

(4) check nozzle, ignition needle and induction needle.If long - term use of gas water heater, nozzle and ignition needle and induction needle easy carbon deposition.Affect smooth ignition.Because this is in use process, want to often check nozzle and inductive needle, discover accumulate carbon, want seasonable cleared clean.

5. Vulnerable parts in the control system should be replaced regularly;The control system should be checked regularly, and the system failure or corresponding speed reduction should be inspected in time.After burning gas water heater is used, answer to clear water in time.For water heaters with removable plates on both sides, scale removal and gasket replacement shall be scheduled.

6. In winter, in order to prevent the water heater from being damaged due to freezing, please follow the operating instructions to drain the residual water in the machine after each use.