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  • 28 2020-06

    Anong uri ng makina ng usok ang ginagamit para sa apartment at maliit na laki ng mga silid?

    Ang pull-type range hood (na tinatawag ding push-pull range hood) ay isang built-in, nakatago, mini-type range hood, isang pull-out range hood.Nagdisenyo ng tagagawa ang net oil sa paninigarilyo sa isang istruktura ng uri ng drawer, na kinokontrol ng isang stroke switch. Kapag gumagana ang usok ng usok, ang net ng langis ng paninigarilyo ay binuksan, at ang makina ng usok ay awtomatikong naka-on.Kung hindi gagamitin, ang netong langis ng paninigarilyo ay itinulak muli at sarado, at awtomatikong isinara. Ang net oil sa paninigarilyo na ginamit sa drawer hood ay isang drawer-type na sliding track na istraktura.Ang langis ng paninigarilyo ng usok ng usok ay nahahati sa isang nakapirming bahagi at isang gumagalaw na bahagi.Ang nakapirming bahagi ay ang pangunahing lugar ng pagsipsip, at ang gumagalaw na bahagi ay ang pantulong na pagsipsip na lugar, na gumaganap ng pagkolekta ng usok. , Huwag magpatakbo ng usok. Ito ang unang pagpipilian ng pagsuporta sa mga produkto para sa mga apartment at iba pang maliliit na kusina.

  • 19 2020-06

    The difference of side suction lampblack and traditional lampblack machine

    Kitchen is the place where we often have to use, as well as with most electrical appliances, take the time to do the food are used lampblack machine, its role is very big in the kitchen, the kitchen lampblack is reduced, so to body health will have security, should know better than secondhand smoke lampblack is, don't want to hurt my family body, there is a good smoke lampblack machine, it is very important.

  • 28 2019-04

    Kitchen industry black horse hand electrical research and development of energy saving intelligent fire blast stove

    In the household appliance industry growth rate overall slowing environment, the kitchen electric field is still maintaining a relatively steady growth of the development trend.Reporters learned from the 2015 China kitchen electricity peak BBS held not long ago, the kitchen electricity market in the first half of this year reached 35.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 9.9%, but compared with the same period last year, the retail sales growth rate of 12.1% has slowed down, the kitchen electricity industry has entered the new normal of adjustment and transformation and technological innovation and upgrading.

  • 18 2019-03

    The choose and buy of domestic gas cooker

    Domestic gas stove products are also divided into three categories according to the applicable gas source, so consumers must pay attention to the actual use of their own gas source conditions to choose the corresponding products.Appropriate choice is high grade famous brand product, unfavorable choice the kitchen with low price is provided.Pay attention to the purchase of manufacturers in the local after-sales service products.

  • 18 2019-03

    The range hood should pay attention to exhaust air volume

    A lot of consumer can have such feeling when cooking: although suck lampblack machine to open the biggest, but the lampblack in the kitchen still cannot timely eduction, as a result often suffers the torment of lampblack in the kitchen.To this, the expert of Chinese national electric research institute says, this is the exhaust air quantity of lampblack machine is insufficient be caused by.Experts remind consumers: Chinese food cooking characteristics, leading to the kitchen lampblack comparison, so Chinese family kitchen cooking environment was improved, key depends on the size of the range hood exhaust air volume, consumer is buying machine of oil absorption smoke, in addition to attention to price, appearance, noise, should put the oil absorption of exhaust air as the primary consideration.

  • 18 2019-03

    Photography term "foreground" - baidu encyclopedia

    A person or thing in front of or near the front of a subject.In a shot, used as a foil to the subject or as part of a dramatic setting.It can enhance the space depth of the picture, balance the composition and beautify the picture.In some mobile photography, the change and alternation of the foreground can enhance the sense of movement and rhythm of the lens.The foreground should be organically combined with the content of the picture. The one-sided pursuit of the decorative beauty of the foreground will destroy the unity of the picture and even weaken or confuse the subject.According to the needs of scene scheduling, the foreground may be converted to the background as the camera moves in the scene and the camera position changes.

  • 18 2019-03

    Share key points to ensure safe use of disinfection cabinets

    Make sure disinfection ark USES safe place key point: understand disinfection ark to place the requirement of the area above all, according to the requirement seeks a place area to amount to mark, firm degree is good, the position with high level;

  • 18 2019-03

    Which kind of electric water heater is good?Comparison of storage type, instant heat type and quick heat type electric water heater

    Experts give you analysis of the advantages of instant electric water heater electric water heater series comparison, so that instant electric water heater for you to bring more convenient life.Water heater already became to live in one of necessary electric equipment at present stage, when the weather is cold, wash dish to use water heater more convenient also need not worry about a hand to freeze.Water heater chooses the water heater to have 4 kinds of big water heater burning gas on the market, solar energy water heater, electric water heater, heat pump water heater (air can water heater), here we do a simple explanation with respect to electric water heater

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