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1. Compared with the developed countries, Chinese kitchen electricity market penetration is low, is in its infancy, the market potential is tremendous, according to market forecast, domestic hutch appliance market space is very broad, market capacity at least more than 3000 one hundred million yuan, the market empty volume of 80 billion yuan over the next five years, the industry generally believe that hutch defends electric consumption demand will show a rising trend, in recent years, domestic sales of kitchen electric rising at the rate of 35% every year, it both in sales and sales profit growth is far greater than other home appliance industry.

2. At present, the kitchen electric industry average profit is as high as 30%, far higher than that of traditional electricity by 5% to 10%, and many domestic handset's profit is less than 3% of the profit, the kitchen electricity producing area are mainly distributed in Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta region, and with the improvement of production technology and production equipment constantly, and promote the quality of products is increasingly mature, also will herald for the general consumer to provide more high quality and stable hutch defends products

3. With the kitchen products in the third, four market penetration rate continues to improve, this also indicates that in the next few years, kitchen products will be in this field to get rapid development, data analysis, the current rural rural market sales share of the overall market share or even less than 10%.With the steady growth of China's economy, the high development of the real estate market, the promotion and promotion of home appliances to the countryside, the urbanization of towns and villages and the rapid development of new rural construction speed, kitchen appliances market is unprecedented speed into thousands of households.

4. To sum up, the kitchen electricity industry is a booming sunrise industry with huge market potential and rapid growth momentum, which contains no, who seize the first opportunity, who will "win" the wealth.

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