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  • 18 2019-03

    The choose and buy of domestic gas cooker

    Domestic gas stove products are also divided into three categories according to the applicable gas source, so consumers must pay attention to the actual use of their own gas source conditions to choose the corresponding products.Appropriate choice is high grade famous brand product, unfavorable choice the kitchen with low price is provided.Pay attention to the purchase of manufacturers in the local after-sales service products.

  • 18 2019-03

    The range hood should pay attention to exhaust air volume

    A lot of consumer can have such feeling when cooking: although suck lampblack machine to open the biggest, but the lampblack in the kitchen still cannot timely eduction, as a result often suffers the torment of lampblack in the kitchen.To this, the expert of Chinese national electric research institute says, this is the exhaust air quantity of lampblack machine is insufficient be caused by.Experts remind consumers: Chinese food cooking characteristics, leading to the kitchen lampblack comparison, so Chinese family kitchen cooking environment was improved, key depends on the size of the range hood exhaust air volume, consumer is buying machine of oil absorption smoke, in addition to attention to price, appearance, noise, should put the oil absorption of exhaust air as the primary consideration.

  • 18 2019-03

    Photography term "foreground" - baidu encyclopedia

    A person or thing in front of or near the front of a subject.In a shot, used as a foil to the subject or as part of a dramatic setting.It can enhance the space depth of the picture, balance the composition and beautify the picture.In some mobile photography, the change and alternation of the foreground can enhance the sense of movement and rhythm of the lens.The foreground should be organically combined with the content of the picture. The one-sided pursuit of the decorative beauty of the foreground will destroy the unity of the picture and even weaken or confuse the subject.According to the needs of scene scheduling, the foreground may be converted to the background as the camera moves in the scene and the camera position changes.

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