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A. franchise interests

1. Analysis table of retail investment income in county-level market:

Property marketMarket levelThree, four district market
Area definitionRegular product store
investment budgetBusiness area30 to 60 square meters
Shop decoration40,000 yuan (decoration +1 year's rent)

 A total of      100000
Investment benefit analysisProject time limit 
The annualCalculation basis
  sales      7000084000028 units of x2500 are sold in a month
The cost of    35000420000Cigarette machine + kitchen + sterilization cabinet
    Tax cuts 0.1   1.2One salesman, one installer and one salesman
Minus personnel costs0.5   6 Accessories, wear and tear
Reduce after-sales cost
0.15 1.8  
  Minus administrative office   0.05 0.6Phone bill, water, electricity
Cost of sales promotion0.2   2.4 Gifts and materials
Other fees    0.1   1.2 
Combined profits2400028.8  
Return on investmentPayback periodAbout four monthsFirst year return on investment200%
note 1. This investment analysis is only for the county-level market stores as an example for investment reference!

The annual return is 288,000 yuan.If you add other such as wholesale, or through other channels through the goods.The annual profit could be $400,000.

2. Exclusive access to high value-added regional brand resources, image agency and intangible resources;

3. Enjoy the huge system support, establish strategic partners with you, share profits, develop together, and jointly maintain the healthy and long-term development of the market

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